Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You Don't Know Jack - Back?

Funny. I was recently as a month ago at checking things out, reminiscing about the the old days playing You Don't Know Jack (produced by Jellyvision). You see, I was You Don't Know Jack fan. I had all the games available for the Mac. I played online in exciting semi-anonymous head-to-head games against others on the 'net. I even checked out the TV Show hosted by a character played by Paul Rubens.

Then, the net version went away. The TV show didn't quite make it (I think it lasted one episode). And I pretty much stopped playing computer games.

But, through some random searching on line last week, I found that there's a You Don't Know Jack DOT Com complete with a daily "Dis or Dat" flash-based game! They even have Cookie, one of the old computer game hosts! Wow! Brings back the memories.

Dis or Dat is a trivia game where they ask if an item is one of two categories. For example: Is it a character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, or one of his cabinet members? Is it a PETA stunt, or a Jackass stunt? (examples taken from Feb 5 and Feb 2 games).

Pretty funny, and very fun to play. Jack is even more fun as a multi-player game, so I'm looking forward to hinted-at projects to bring back multi-player play online. Dis or Dat was an occasional feature of the YDKJ games, which featured more multiple choice style questions and other mini-game-like features. They are really fun games. While we wait for the next incarnation, you can get the games for your computer (no Mac version available anymore!), or just play Dis or Dat online.

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