Tuesday, February 06, 2007

High School Trivia Hunt

I'm experienced in a couple of different weekend-long trivia challenges, but the Millard Fillmore Trivia Hunt sounds pretty cool. Here's an article about it:

The event, hosted by Carlmont [high school], starts on a Friday, when Hunter presents the teams from each school with a long list of questions, many of which would stump the best of trivia buffs. The students must find the answers as well as proof to back up their answer. They also are given a list of "bring-in" items. For example, one item they were asked to find

this year was a ticket stub from a showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Everything must be turned in by Sunday afternoon, and on Monday night, teams assign some of their members to be "lawyers," so they can defend their answers before the "judge."

So not only do you have to answer a bunch of questions, but you have to defend your answers with proof. Pretty intense, and a bit different than just calling in your answer. Of course, that's usually calling in answers 8 times or so an hour for 54 hours. That's pretty intense, too.

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