Monday, March 26, 2007

Kids' Jeopardy

Having taken the online qualification test for adults this year, I think that this reporter might be doing something slightly against the rules... This Hagerstown, Maryland reporter writes about her son's attempt at the Jeopardy online qualifying test for 10 to 12 year olds.

When my son heard about the test, he was all for trying to be on the show.
After all, it was just 30 questions, 20 seconds allowed for each - 10 minutes, and you're done.
If all tests were this fast, scores would be golden.
Well, maybe not. There is something to be said for the value of reflection.
My son had two words to describe the test.
Hard. Fast.

She then goes on to list 20 of the 30 questions. I wish I would have had some of these questions when I took the test. I've been accused of storing some useless knowledge, but apparently it's the wrong useless knowledge as I missed the typical qualifying score by about 4 questions, from what I could remember.

These 20 questions, though, are a nice little mix of typical kids-level Jeopardy stuff. Have fun!

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