Friday, January 26, 2007

Another place for Trivia

Ray Hamel, former Trivia Quiz editor for the NYT and current Special Collections and Reference Librarian for the Lawrence Jacobsen Library at the Wisconsin Primate Research Center, has a "Trivia Question of the Day" email list.

Sign up to receive Ray's Question of the day. Respond with the correct answer, and you'll be mentioned in the "kudos" list in the next email.

The Question of the Day is often pretty easy to Google, so I play it like Ken Jennings' suggests on his Trivia Quiz: I only answer when I know it off the top of my head. Even some of Hamel's more challenging questions can often be found with some digging, but my personal rule keeps me from spending half my day trying to find it.

Every so often (when Hamel goes on vacation), Hamel puts together a Super Trivia Challenge when you have to work a series of clues that often fit together some way in a word puzzle to solve. These are especially fun and challenging.

Ray Hamel is also a member of Network, the winningest team at the World's Largest Trivia Contest in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. My own team, Freshly Squeezed, is approaching the top 10 (out of around 450 to 500 teams), but doesn't hold a candle to Network's resources and record of success.

Check out Ray's Question of the Day for some daily trivia fun.

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