Wednesday, December 20, 2006

KVSC Trivia

KVSC Trivia registration is now open! There's a registration form on the site you can download and mail in along with your $40 fee.

This is a fun 50 hour contest. Some people like it even more that 90fm's World's Largest Trivia Contest, but I think that's blasphemy! ;)

Nothing beats Point Trivia, but KVSC does a good job putting together a competitive and entertaining contest. And it's not too often you can stay up for 50 hours and get to call into St Cloud MN with thousands of guesses while you try to stay awake listening to the best (and worst) that college radio has to offer in between the questions.

Good luck to all the KVSC Trivia teams, and to the Trivia coordinators. If you happen by here leave a salutation, threat, or boast in the comments section.

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